LearnITy™ Conversation

Why Conversational AI?

  • Consumers are becoming more demanding. They now expect an immediate service response anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • They’re looking for self-service options that enable them to get information and solve problems via virtual agents without waiting for human intervention.
  • The main challenge is the ever changing nature of the knowledge sources that virtual agents need to access for servicing the user requests
  • LearnITytm Conversation (LC) is a Conversational AI (CAI) Platform addressing this challenge

Focus on Dynamic Knowledge

  • Constant changes in the underlying knowledge sources (e.g., Government regulations for BFSI) is a reality in today’s business conditions.
  • Human agents need to continuously train themselves by consulting the latest documents so that they can give relevant and correct answers to user queries.
  • It would lead to a very inefficient if the virtual agent also need to be manually changed every time to reflect these changes
  • LC comes packaged with document understanding capabilities whereby the virtual agent is automatically provided with the updated information from latest ingested documents

How LC Works?

  • The self-service requirements of the business are implemented using a Dialogue system where users key in their requests using natural language and interact with a conversational agent (chatbot)
  • Intents are used to represent the various operations that users wants to perform; Entities are used to represent the various data elements that users mention in their query
  • LC processes the intents and entities using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning)
  • It communicates with backend applications, databases and document stores for fetching the information required to service the request and reply to the query

Digital Self-service Platform

  • LearnITytm Conversation (LC) automates various human labour intensive tasks related to building a digital self-service platform
    • Quickly convert your FAQs to a ChatBot
    • Implement multiple virtual agents (Chatbots) serving different stakeholders (customers, employees) or different business areas
    • Easily connect your Knowledge Bases and Databases to the Chatbot so that it answers queries based on the latest updated information
    • Get detailed analytics of the service requests and their fulfilment by the virtual agent from rich dashboard

LC is a CAI Platform

  • LC is a Conversational AI Platform
  • It is provided as a collection of capabilities that are not tied to any specific business function or business vertical
  • It may be used to support the CAI requirements of any business function, Finance, Legal, Operation, HR, …
  • It may be used in any business area such as Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, …
  • LKE empowers organisations of all sizes to quickly implement digital self-service, without requiring them to big investment in AI/ML expertise

LC – Under the Hood

  • LC converts a self-service workflow into a Dialogue State Machine (popularly called Skill in the industry) and stores the representation of this machine in a in a format designed for efficiency.
  • Sets of entities and intents are defined in the system and associated with the Skills (the same set may be associated with multiple Skills promoting reuse)
  • In addition to text, button, card, and other standard types, users may create their custom response types using rich media (images, video, audio)
  • LC generates the glue code for integrating the Chatbot with a website or other channels

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