Systems Integrator

Solutions for Systems Integrators and Solution providers

  • Are you an SI implementing custom projects where your customers business processes require dealing with large and complex documents?
  • Are you a solution provider targeting one of the many impactful use cases that can benefit from using deep document understanding?

Aunwesha provides SIs and solution providers with the digital platforms that are non-invasive and can be easily integrated with internal applications, systems, and other analytics and automation platforms.

Out of the box solutions will not work for DU since no two organizations have the same DU requirements.LKE provides a powerful DSL named Document Comprehension Language DCL (patent pending) using which complex DU requirements involving multiple, large documents may be expressed.SIs and solution providers easily and efficiently implement the custom DU requirements for their projects and solutions via templates created using DCL.

LKE generates the required output in machine readable formats such as JSON/XML for consumption by downstream applications as well as support s generation of output in industry-standard formats like SWIFT or XBRL.
This makes it easy for SIs and solution providers to integrate the platforms with other applications and products.

The platforms enable experimentation and solution discovery via automation support for tasks such feature engineering and model training so that SIs and solution providers may provide the custom application that meets the specific requirements of their customers.

Some custom projects that have been implemented include:

  • Generation of skeleton 3D design diagrams from Engineering Product Requirement Specification documents
  •  Creation of a seed Oraganisational Competency Model using various types of documents as inputs (e.g., job posting, employee profiles, project reports, customer feedback, etc.)

Platform Packaging

The platforms is made available via multiple options for ease of adoption by SIs and solution providers:

  • Web-based application with role based GUI for deployments on customer owned infrastructure (on premise or private cloud)
  • SaaS APIs – Subscription based software as a service offering in the form of a collection of APIs made available on public cloud infrastructure
  • Licenced software components packaging partial platform capabilities to be used as embeddable engines by SIs