As NuSafeX, a Swiss company, we provide IT solutions to increase the safety of the
civilian nuclear industry. We propose in particular intelligent and efficient processing
of nuclear safety reports and documentation as SaaS, to accelerate and improve the
current repetitive, time consuming and costly manual process of analysing these
documents and decision taking. Upon searching, we called for a few proposals for

intelligent document understanding using AI & ML. This would have to be a cost-
effective automation solution with reasonably high accuracy and speed of data

We had the pleasure to engage with Aunwesha Knowledge Technologies Pvt Ltd,
a niche player in IT & ITES space, for our requirements. They have developed an
amazing platform based on ML and NLP latest technologies for machine deep
understanding of documents.

We have used their platform LearnITy Knowledge Engine for the purposes of
search and extraction of unstructured data from different digital assets as well as for
comparison and validation checks. Their deep document analysis and customised
reporting capabilities are truly exemplary.
We continue to collaborate with Aunwesha Knowledge Technologies for various
other custom requirements and overseas projects as we found the team to be
capable of driving successfully such complex work.

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