ISV and Startup

Solutions for Independent Software Vendors

  • Are you an ISV whose products/solutions would be substantially improved by adding DU functionality?
  • Are you an ISV looking to offer a conversational interface to your product/solution in addition to your existing dasboard style UI?

Aunwesha is your partner addressing the above challenges.

Computerised processing of business documents is a fundamental capability in today’s digital world. A large number of software products may add Document Understanding capabilities to augment their functionalities and market reach. While there exists a wide variety of use cases from different business functions and verticals where DU is useful, the following are some areas where deep document understanding capabilities will add great value to an ISV’s  existing software capabilities:

  • Pharmacovigilance – A “big data” approach to pharmacovigilance involves the identification of drug–ADE associations by data mining various types of digital documents, including: adverse event reports, the medical literature, and electronic health records (EHRs).
  • Procurement – involves comparing large RFP response documents and mining data from large legal contracts.
  • Proposal management – to efficiently intake and qualify opportunities, analysis and comparison of previous proposal documents is required.
  • Risk Management – quality control of large volume of risk control description documents, discovering and quantifying risk types from corporate risk disclosure documents

Platform Packaging

The platforms is made available via multiple options for ease of adoption by ISVs:

  • APIs – Subscription based software as a service offering in the form of a collection of APIs made available on public cloud infrastructure
  • Licenced software components packaging partial platform capabilities to be used as embeddable engines by product developers